Rhonda's Recovery Journey

“The footprints we leave behind show clearly where we have been, but they do not dictate where we can now go.” ~Ralph Martson

Week 78

12/8: It has been another wonderful birthday. We went to a Christmas concert by My Brother’s Keeper. These young men are very talented instrumentalists. I returned home to see gifts on the table. Mom and dad did an A+ job of buying things I will use.

12/9: Mom and I did some Christmas shopping. We finished up just in time for the snowfall. We all went to Harrison after lunch and then took a nap. Had a detour on the way home due to icy roads.

I decided to try to learn to play the tin (penny) whistle two days ago. I would like to play it in church and maybe the nursing homes. I’m in hopes that this will help me be more disciplined. I tend to get bored and sidetracked easily, hence the reason I can’t play an instrument.

12/10: Didn’t get to go to church tonight because my stomach is having issues. I didn’t each much for dinner either. I listened to a good sermon by Charles Stanley and practiced my whistle.

12/11: My stomach hurt so bad this morning, I thought I might have to leave work and go to the ER. I skipped lunch because I knew it would send me straight to the bathroom, and I didn’t want that to happen during my program. The sense I got from not eating seemed to give me a high. I know it sounds crazy. It’s like a sense of control. This is why I try to make sure I eat at least a little at every meal. I liked the feeling of an empty stomach. I have to keep my focus on God through this health problem or else I could very easily slip away.

The gastro doc had a cancellation this week. I’m so thankful because the next appointment opening wasn’t until the second week in January.

The nursing home program went great. The residents and staff gave me some Christmas cards and a box of chocolates. They are a kind-hearted group. Love em!

12/12: Another great program at the dementia/Alzheimer’s unit. Some of the most hilarious things seem to pop out of their mouths at times and today was one of them. I told them to fill in the word that was missing in the Christmas carols. “I’ll Be _____ for Christmas” was one of many. The answer was “Home,” and one of the women said, “Broke.” I busted out laughing and told her I liked her answer much better and that I was going to rewrite the song and use her version.

12/13: Went Christmas caroling at a nursing home with my church. Many of the residents knew me right away because they come to the library programs I present. What a sweet night.

My stomach is on the mend, and I’m able to eat and not run to the bathroom. Yay! Still nauseated, but better. Dad’s stomach started acting up today. Actually, it’s his colon due to Crohn’s disease. Tylenol has done wonders for us.

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