Rhonda's Recovery Journey

“The footprints we leave behind show clearly where we have been, but they do not dictate where we can now go.” ~Ralph Martson

Week 72

10/26: I helped dad clean out the shed. He has been holding onto 30 years worth of things that he’ll never use. I think, as he gets older he’s realizing that he’s not the spry young handyman he used to be and that he needs to begin the elimination process of getting rid of stuff. Every time I saw him putting some unnecessary thing into the “keep” stack, I questioned his intent and reminded him that he will never need it. We ended up making a big dent in the mountain of accumulation.

10/27: Cleaned out my room. Dad went to babysit Ava for few hours because Brad went to a job interview. I decided to go visit. She was fine until Brad got home. Her demeanor changed, and she got whiny and mean. I thought about it on the way home and decided why she suddenly changed from nice to naughty. When a parent comes home that’s a sign that the company (us) will be leaving soon. I hope this is the reason.

10/30: The volume on my car radio went kaput on the way to work. When I turn it on, the volume is at max level and I can’t turn it down. Dad said there’s probably a resistor on the button that isn’t working. Oh, just great.

I still don’t feel well, and the nausea is terrible. I haven’t had an appetite for days. It makes me want to vomit just thinking about food. I haven’t been able to eat as much as I normally do, but hopefully, this illness leaves soon. I can’t even concentrate on Bible study and I’m fatigued all day.

10:31: Had something strange happen on the way to work. I had no control over the steering wheel and it felt as if I was gliding across ice or flying. The car was going in its own direction (off the road). At the last second, before the car went onto another road toward a yard, it went in the right direction. My heart was about to beat through my chest. I was thanking God that He kept me safe and back on track.

Went to the doctor after work. I got a blood draw. She said it could be something like an infection, gastroparesis, or gallbladder.

Dressed up and met the family for Halloweening. Ava was dressed as a cute little witch. When we got back, I put the bed of the truck down and hopped up with a bowl of candy to give out. Ava wanted to sit with me and hold the candy. It was hilarious. Every time she saw someone coming down the street she yelled, “Come here, we have candy for you!” We sat there until it was over and went inside to warm up.

I can sense a spiritual war going on. When entering into a life of prayer, expect demonic activity. One thing is certain though, it’s worth it, and God has authority over all things, even the demons!

11/1: The first day of November has ushered in rain. I listened to music and found some choir arrangements, made chili, baked cupcakes, and helped dad put up gutters.

The doc said my thyroid is low and the medication needs to be increased. That probably has something to do with my sluggishness. When they weighed me yesterday, I was fine with the number, but it has been irritating me today. I’m glad to see I made it to my weight range (low end), but I’m not happy about where the weight is. My stomach is getting it all. I can’t gain weight on any other part of my body. The only thing I can do is sit with it and ask God to help me accept it.

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