Rhonda's Recovery Journey

“The footprints we leave behind show clearly where we have been, but they do not dictate where we can now go.” ~Ralph Martson

Week 69

10/5: I took it easy today because I’m just pooped from an active week. Spent the morning writing and reading. Went to Aurora Farmer’s Fair to watch the Hoppers. We didn’t get back until 10:30 and I was sooo tired.

10/6: I am still seeing changes in my thinking and actions. God blesses obedience with joy.

Went to see Scallywags at the fair, and then I watched a wood carving artist the rest of the evening. It’s amazing what this man could do with a saw and a huge chunk of wood. I came back home to enjoy quiet time with God.

10/7: As I set out for a walk this morning, I passed my neighbors who were busily splitting and stacking wood for the winter. I sensed a strong urging of the Spirit to go and help them. It took all morning, but we got it done. They are such a nice couple and the husband almost died this past year from sclerosis. He is recovering well, but he is still weak. This was my first experience using a wood splitter and stacking wood. God blesses me with overflowing joy when I’m following Him. Muscles are aching that I never knew were there, and I worked up a really good appetite.

10/8: In Sunday School, I was asked to lead opening song and to lead the song next week along with the “Happy Birthday” song for one of our sisters who is paraplegic. Her health is on a quick decline, and she is so dear to all of us. I was asked to present our gift to her too. I felt honored.

Tonight, the pastor asked me and mom if we would like to take on the duty of picking out choral arrangements. Mom declined due to lack of time, but I quickly accepted. Look out church!

10/9: Oh, such a boring day. Sat in a staff meeting the entire day. I came home and crashed because I was drained. I did get to know staff people I don’t usually see. I even ate lunch with a woman from another branch and invited her to church. She was so nice. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to work with. I can hardly believe how easy lunch was. I ate without even thinking about it. It was like I was finally normal (whatever normal is).

10/10: Spent some time writing and listening to choral arrangements. I found one by Matt Redman that I liked.

I feel so much better after getting a haircut. The fact that there was a $5.99 special made me even happier! The young lady who cuts my hair does a great job.

I began studying Exodus again since we started a study on the tabernacle. It’s a deep subject and very, very interesting. I’m putting together a study sheet for the class telling what each thing in the tabernacle represents.

Brad stopped by with Ava again. This is twice in one week. Something is up. I’ll just keep my mouth shut because some things are better left unsaid. It only took me one time to learn this. One time that could’ve severed my relationship with my brother forever. I thank God every day for healing our relationship. I can’t change him, but I firmly believe that God will, and I’m looking forward to that day! All I can do is love him, despite his ways.

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