Rhonda's Recovery Journey

“The footprints we leave behind show clearly where we have been, but they do not dictate where we can now go.” ~Ralph Martson

Week 66

9/14: I picked corn for dad and me to prep and freeze. It took almost 2 hours.

Found mom a great birthday gift.

A friend from church is coming with mom and me to the Beth Moore simulcast Saturday. She messaged me to see if we like chicken salad, so we made plans to do a picnic lunch during our 1.5-hour lunch break. It’s amazing that God has brought me to this point. I mean, I’m actually eating something creamed in mayo. It feels good to enjoy life again!

Got to talk to Mark (my brother in North Carolina). He called to wish mom Happy Birthday. He and his family are doing well. He has a very demanding work schedule. I honestly don’t know how he does it. He said it’s beginning to wear him down. It’s hard on his body and his sleep patterns. He still manages to get in family time and house chores.

Mom wanted to postpone birthday happenings until tomorrow because she was tired. She had to get up very early for a meeting at work.

9/15: Dad and I spent the whole morning freezing more corn. Teamwork makes a job so much easier and faster.

It brings me such a joy to see that one hummingbird is still here. I think the other two left for their long journey about two weeks ago. The males usually leave earlier than the females. Hummingbirds fly alone, unlike other bird species.

Mom was pleased with her cards and gifts.

9/16: Went to an all-day Beth Moore simulcast with /mom and another woman from church. They had problems with the wi-fi connection. It was about a 45-minute delay. They cut lunchtime and break time short to try to keep us as close to schedule as possible. We went to a nearby park for lunch. Diane brought the chicken salad, and we brought the bread and chips. It was nice to get outside. I don’t enjoy being in dim lit places. It’s dreary. Give me light and warmth! I was dead tired by the time we got home. I even took a nap after dinner. I get more tired by sitting all day doing almost nothing than doing hard labor.

9/17: Another great day at church. I sense an excitement stirring within the church at an increasing rate. Visitors are appearing from all age groups lives are being changed.
It’s refreshing!

9/19: I was hoping another position would open up at the library. The school hasn’t called me to work for a long time, so I’m looking for another job. I just got a letter in the mail saying insurance is changing again. It looks like I’m going to be paying out-of-pocket even more. I’m praying that I will not have to switch insulin brands again.

9/20: God laid a devotion on my heart first thing this morning. I let the story develop in my head before typing. It gives me a high when God calls me to write. The joy is unexplainable.

After lunch, dad and I took a ride to the home of a man who sells apples. They are great in pies. He and his son have over 100 trees. On the way home, we stopped at a little park. It was fun crossing the old covered bridge. We trekked to the creek and observed several snakes. I could’ve stayed in this serene spot all day. Too bad we didn’t bring fishing rods and a camera. Maybe tomorrow!

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