Rhonda's Recovery Journey

“The footprints we leave behind show clearly where we have been, but they do not dictate where we can now go.” ~Ralph Martson

Week 64

9/1: I’m depressed. I got out for a while to be around people. Ran errands and stopped in to talk to Patty. She was upbeat even though her knees are giving her a lot of pain. The doc said to keep them elevated. I can tell that being almost blind frustrates her, but she doesn’t complain.

I got an opportunity to talk with the supervisor about the Talking Library, and she said there are more people who might be interested in this service. I came home and cleaned out the deep freeze.

After a trip to Wal-Mart with dad, I was pooped. The depression was so bad that I didn’t even desire to study. After about 35 minutes, I was done. I joined mom and dad to watch “Strange Inheritance.” It has been a rough day.

9/2: It is cool and gloomy, and I’m depressed again. Mom told me that she noticed I start getting depressed around this time every year, and my weight slowly begins to drop. Her friend’s husband has severe seasonal depression, and he has to live in an apartment in Florida for 2-3 months in the winter. She has always told me it would be nice to have family in Florida who could rent out a small place to me. I wish I could control the depression, but I can’t. It’s like a cold, you get it whether you want it or not.

9/3: The sun is out and my spirits are lifted. My back has been hurting. By late afternoon, I was uncomfortable sitting and standing.

9/4: Mom and I cleaned the garage. It looks so much better. It gets depressing seeing so much stuff in so much disarray. We decided to go shopping after lunch. We had to do something other than labor on Labor Day. I like to get out, but I can’t even imagine paying the prices in the stores at the mall. I’ll take a good yard sale or thrift store any day!

9/5: The hummingbird program I did at the assisted living facility was the best yet! It was a packed crowd, and they all thoroughly enjoyed it. I love to see them all very responsive and enthralled. I give God all the glory. None of this would be possible without Him. I was totally unqualified for this job. I had no experience or training, yet God placed me here. Believe me; my faith in Him has significantly grown just through the things I’ve seen in this job situation. I’m elated every time I finish a program because God makes things happen that I could never do myself. He’s all-powerful!

9/6: I ate at work again today and got to eat at Buffalo’s with Raelynn. We went to see a movie too. The movie reminded me so much of my own family. I bawled like a baby through the last 20 minutes of the show. Addiction affects not only the addict but also the entire family.

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