Rhonda's Recovery Journey

“The footprints we leave behind show clearly where we have been, but they do not dictate where we can now go.” ~Ralph Martson

Week 59

7/27: I finished reading the last 3 chapters to Patty. That book was so good. It is making me realize God’s love for me on a much deeper level. When we finished the book, Patty said, “That was really good. Do you have any other books like that?” I told her I’d check. It looks like she wants reading to her to become a regular thing. If I couldn’t see, I would love to have someone read to me. Just being able to wake up in the mornings and read devotions and scripture is something I treasure. I find I take too many things for granted, like being able to read whenever I feel like it. I’m glad God is using me to meet her need.

7/28: I’m still fatigued most of the day. I’ve had to take a nap almost every day too. I don’t like feeling this way. It’s a waste of precious time, yet I just can’t seem to function.

Went to see Beauty and the Beast at the Covedale Theater with mom and dad. It was done by Cincinnati Young Peoples Theater, and it was really good.

7/29: All I can say is, I just love my church family. My prayer partner gave me a handmade card of gratitude for praying for her. It was a beautiful card. I sat in church trying to see how it was made and how I could use this craftiness to give to someone else.

The Spirit weighed on my heart to jot down a note of encouragement for a young woman who sang this morning. I was filled with more joy in giving an uplifting word than in receiving. The young woman’s mom told my mom tonight that her daughter was beaming today and expressed her gratitude.

7/30: I was nonstop at work getting ready for tomorrow’s program. Nothing was going as planned, but I didn’t get stressed. I simply rolled with the punches and did what I could. I always know God will work it out. He gave me this job and He wants to touch others through this work, so I just relax and lay it at His feet.

8/1: Just as expected, God worked in a mighty way. The seniors really enjoyed the program and learned a lot. They are so precious!! I love them from the depths of my heart. I had a few of the women tell me I should be a teacher. One asked if I was a teacher. With a big grin, I said, “Yes, I teach every time I come here.”

I went for a walk after lunch, and all I could think about was God. He is wonderful, beyond imagination. My thoughts were fully consumed with Him.

8/2: I picked out another book to read to Patty.

Today I did some work in the garden and yard. Keeping the half-runner beans from vining into other rows is a never-ending chore. They seem to prefer to latch onto beans in the other rows instead of wrapping around the string line in their row. Much like people in the world. We have everything we need, yet still desire to latch onto what other people have. Never content. I can see a devotion in this one.

I could sense a spirit of oppression as I walked to the field to pray. These evil spirits work harder when I grow in my relationship with God. I will not fear, I have no power against these evil spirits, but I serve an all-powerful God who has authority over all things!

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