Rhonda's Recovery Journey

“The footprints we leave behind show clearly where we have been, but they do not dictate where we can now go.” ~Ralph Martson

Week 49

5/18: Mom and dad left for North Carolina to see my brother and family. I decided not to go this time around. Spent all day doing yard work. I couldn’t stand being inside because it was so quiet and lonely. It helps me to somewhat understand the experience people have when they’re widowed or empty nested. Loneliness can be haunting. I made the best out of the day and really did enjoy tidying up the landscape.

Went for a walk tonight and ran into the assistant pastor. He asked me to sing Sunday. I gladly accepted. Found out a guy I went to school with committed suicide this week. It’s disconcerting to hear of the rapid increase in suicides related to drugs.

5/19: I kept busy most of the day doing yard work. I spent over 2 hours cutting back a monstrous hedge. I had to be cautious because the telephone line and another power line droop down into the bush. My arm muscles were like jello the rest of the afternoon.

I’m a little uneasy about presenting at the Alzheimer’s facility on Tuesday. I want to involve the people so that they really enjoy it.

5/20: It seems so empty not having anyone around. I spent time talking to neighbors and a couple of church friends. This helped my loneliness. My heart is deeply burdened for those who experience these times of loneliness on a constant basis.

I am breaking out w/poison ivy. Uh oh.

I’ve been smelling gas all day. It was coming from the oven. I called dad who told me to make sure the fitting was screwed tight. I did and waited all day with windows open. The smell didn’t go away, so I called him back and he told me to spray around the fitting & coil with detergent and water mix. It bubbled in a spot on the coil so I had to call the gas company. They arrived at about 10pm and turned off the gas. I’m thankful to be able to breathe fresh air again.

5/21: It has been a long, tiring day. I sang at church and had a kitchen meeting to discuss the fall conference meal plans.

I came back home for an hour before returning to church for choir practice and service. Doing work to the glory of God can be tiring, but it is so rewarding.

The poison ivy has crept up my arms, neck, and now my eyes. Even Clorox isn’t helping the itch. I bought Benadryl and rubbing alcohol, and those didn’t work either.

5/22: Mom and dad got home late last night, so I woke up to the sound of mom’s voice. I did enjoy some time alone, but I have to admit, I like having people around again. It has an unbelievable impact on my emotions and thinking. Socialization is as healthy for overall well-being as food is nutrition for the body.

5/23: Work was so fun. I just love the senior citizens. They are so respectful, thankful, polite and loving. They bring joy to my heart.

This poison ivy is driving me crazy!

I’m struggling with yogurt craving. I feel like I’m slipping back into old patterns. Very concerned about the direction I’m headed.

5/24: Did good eating. Exercise is still good too. Insurance finally got straightened out. I’m so thankful! God provided all the supplies I needed at just the right times. My glucose has been high again. It has to be stress or maybe it’s the breakout of poison ivy.

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