Rhonda's Recovery Journey

“The footprints we leave behind show clearly where we have been, but they do not dictate where we can now go.” ~Ralph Martson

Week 33

1/26: I had insomnia last night, but I don’t feel tired. After a good breakfast, I went on a walking tour of the neighborhood. The agent showed up at the rental and showed me how to adjust the pool valves. He’s so absorbed in his work and appointments that he has no time for anything or anyone. I feel sorry for him really. That has to be a horrible and stressful way to live. The neighbor came over and introduced himself. Mom said he was hitting on me. This guy was at least 80 years old. He really needs to seek out women closer to his age!

1/27: I was starving at breakfast and ate 2 waffles, 2 bowls of cereal, 1 piece of turkey bacon and applesauce. I feel down today. I think I have a hard time adapting to new places. I went for a walk which greatly lifted my spirits. I’m getting irritated with being gone in the afternoons and not getting back until 6:30-7:00. I want to skip dinner when it’s this late. I had a terrible headache and had to lie down after dinner. I woke up and listened to 2 sermons by Chuck Swindoll.

1/28: It was another full breakfast day.

1/29: My appetite wasn’t as big today. We attended Fellowship Church because I saw online there was going to be a free concert by Link Union. It was a great concert and a brief sermon on Moses about maturity. I saw an animal on my walk that looked like an armadillo. This was new to me. We Hoosiers don’t see armored animals with four legs in the park. I gave up yogurt completely, but I’m still struggling with pudding. I can’t stand the though of giving it up, and I know that’s why I can’t bring myself to discuss the addiction to my parents. God, give me the desire to give up my will.

1/30: Went to visit friends who went to church with us in Indiana. They now live in Punta Gorda and love it. After sitting on the sunny patio for 2 hours, we headed back to our rental. My blood sugar was very high and we didn’t get home until 7pm. I decided to eat light and eat more than usual at bedtime. Blood sugar never did level out, but I ate anyway.

1/31: I did great at all meals, but I exercised way too much. I feel like my body has to be physically in motion the majority of the day. While on our bikes, mom had us follow her because she thought she knew the way that led straight back home. Let’s just say, it was 10x longer than what the long route would’ve been. Oh well, we enjoyed the family fun day in the sun! I decided to clean the house a bit because departure is tomorrow. Note to self: never vacuum a shaggy rug unless you intend to leave it shagless. I used a little MacGyver trick to fix the vacuum cleaner. As good as new.

2/1: After a big breakfast and morning snack, we departed from the rental home toward the airport. We used the small span of free time to explore Fisherman’s Village and a park. The first thing I saw in the park was 3 shelties. I leaped out of the car and straight to the dogs and their owners. It made me long for my doggie or any dog for that matter. Arrived back in Indiana to a cool 39 degrees. This is shocking after just leaving 77 degrees. The plane ride was during dinner hours, and I didn’t have anything. Needless to say, I was starving when we got home at 8pm. Severe hunger doesn’t result in wise food portions or choices. Too tired to even think about it.

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