Rhonda's Recovery Journey

“The footprints we leave behind show clearly where we have been, but they do not dictate where we can now go.” ~Ralph Martson

Week 29

12/29: I went for a walk this morning. I enjoy walking so much, but I’m so glad I’m not consumed by it. An older man I know asked me over to take a look at what he called, “the ugliest deer you’ll ever see.” He just got it back from the taxidermist and mounted it on his wall. He explained to me that it was a 6-7 year old stag and had never shed its antlers. These were some freaky antlers! He sent me home with some deer sausage to try. I’ve had more trouble than ever trying to get out journey posts. After being unsuccessful on the home computer, I resorted to the Community Center’s computer lab. It wasn’t easy here either, but I got it done. Ate more meat on my sandwich at lunch and angel food cake with vanilla pudding on it before bed.

12/30: I was starving at breakfast and ate an extra ½ of an English muffin and a little more cottage cheese. I also ate a little more at lunch and my blood sugar skyrocketed with a fierce vengeance. I was so tired and sick from the spike that I had to lay down for an hour. Mom and dad went to look at Christmas lights, so I had a beautiful quiet time in study and prayer. The Spirit spoke to me as I was reading about Christ’s crucifixion. I imagined myself within that scene and my heart was broken. Shedding tears can be very healing.

12/31: Today, I had to bring myself to forgive others close to me. It’s so much harder to forgive others when they lie to your face and don’t even apologize. There wasn’t even any reason to lie. They got caught in their lie, but instead of owning it, they made up even more lies. Very lame ones at that. All day I had to keep reminding myself of all of my sins and the forgiveness and mercy God has given and continues to give me. I want to deal with this the way Jesus did. Forgive them and continue to lift them up in prayer. We got to baby-sit Ava today. She was so good, despite not getting her routine nap. We played with her doll house, ran cars down gift boxes that we turned into ramps, and played “hide from the ghosts.” I threw her in the shower, and back out she came to play some more.

1/1: I listened to a sermon by Joyce Meyer this morning that really ministered to me. I went for a brief walk and then to church. It was a joy having Ava for a couple of days. Some parents don’t realize it, but their actions, words and lives are being mimicked by their children. I went out for another brief walk and came home to eat a snack, wash clothes, and clean out the fridge.

1/2: Mom is ready to take a vacation to Florida, so we spent a lot of futile time looking for a cheap Allegiant flight and a cheap motel. The motel we usually stay at only has one room left. She pondered it over as we made a trip to Colerain Avenue. The only thing we came back with was an AM/FM headset radio for dad. By the time she decided to book the room, the clerk was gone for the day. Something amazing happened after dinner. The Spirit brought a resolve in my heart to give up yogurt. It was the exact same Spirit lit upon me in June, turning me from a path of destruction to a path of devotion. I immediately got rid of the yogurt and had an utter joy in my heart along with peace and gratitude. I, like Gideon, asked God for evidence of His providence and sufficiency in the days ahead and was led to Jeremiah 33. I cannot even describe the impact this passage had on me. The Word of God is alive and active!!!!

1/3: I haven’t even missed not having yogurt. I can now eat things that are more nutritious and fulfilling instead of yogurt being the bulk of a meal or snack. I took down the Christmas lights before it started pouring down rain for the day. The weather has been unusually warm (59 degrees) for January. I tried the summer sausage Chick made from the deer he got. I’ve been nauseated all evening and it makes me gag every time I think about it. My stomach can’t handle wild game.

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