Rhonda's Recovery Journey

“The footprints we leave behind show clearly where we have been, but they do not dictate where we can now go.” ~Ralph Martson

Week 15

9/23: I don’t even think about the calorie count in waffles anymore. If I want a waffle, I eat a waffle. Spent a great portion of the day filling out an application to be a cafeteria worker. I decided that the job for a kennel technician would be a detriment at this point in time. It requires much more rigorous activity and work hours. I love jobs that are highly active, but I know deep down that God is not leading me to seek this position. My cafeteria application went in the mail today. There is a 5K tomorrow and I’m anxious. I ran a 5K years ago, but this is the first time I have walked one. Yes, I want to win. I have this need to want to make my parents proud of me.

9/24: Ate a nourishing breakfast and was off to the race. I sprinted to the starting line because the runners had just begun and I knew the walkers would start right behind them. I was running late due to a potty stop, blood sugar check, and attaching the time chip on my shoe. I realized I left my radio behind so I mentally went through scriptures as I raced. After pushing hard I pulled out a win. I got overall top finisher. The excitement and activity from the race wore me out. Went to the fair for a brief time to see my aunt, uncle and cousins then back home to crash for the night.

9/26: My appetite raged again this morning. After bean picking, cleaning the house, and lunch, I slept. I started on anti-depressants again 3 days ago because I thought they might help with the exercise compulsion. I’m probably worn out from the activities yesterday or the anti-depressants. Whatever it is, I hate having to take a daytime nap to function. I can think of more profitable things which could be accomplished during the nap time interval.

9/27: Went for a short walk this morning, and upon my return, my phone rang. It was someone from the school calling to see if I was interested in a sub-cafeteria worker position. Of course! She scheduled me for 2 days so far and said she might call before that if vacancies arise. I excitedly told dad the news, and he was automatically concerned and asking questions about the health insurance I could possibly lose. I fully understand his concern, but I wanted him to be as excited as I was. I refuse to see myself as being sick and frail any longer. I am strong and more than a conquerer through Christ who strengthens me.

9/28: I didn’t exercise again today. Believe me, I’m sure I would have been hoofing it if I had the energy. I’m totally depleted. I did get the joy of spending time with my niece. She would brighten anyone’s day! We did the usual routine of playing, bath time, painting nails, and a nail polished tattoo on the stomach. I’m sure her parents love trying to scrub that off! Oh well, I’ll have the fun and they can get the clean-up duties. My food choices haven’t been challenged and I’m feeling stagnant. I could eat the same things for days on end and never get sick of them and never crave anything else. Anyone else have this dilemma?

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