Rhonda's Recovery Journey

“The footprints we leave behind show clearly where we have been, but they do not dictate where we can now go.” ~Ralph Martson

Week 12

9/1: Tried ear of corn with dinner. Fresh picked veggies are the best!

9/2: Ate 2 waffles for breakfast. The last time I ate waffles was about 10 years ago. Well, I didn’t exactly eat waffles back then; I ate ¼ of a waffle before heading to work. I don’t know how I even functioned. Back then, I was working full-time, exercising full-time, starving myself full-time and going to EMT classes 2x/week for 4 hours per session. It drains me to think about it.

9/3: It’s been a bad day! I’ve been irritable and depressed to the extent that I can’t even stand to be around myself. My thoughts began in the pits this morning when I began thinking of all of the clutter around the house. I am also feeling so stuck because I want a job so badly but will lose my health insurance if I work over a certain amount. Oh, this is a huge burden. My blood sugar has been high all afternoon, so I took a nap because I was just worn out physically and emotionally. After my nap, I headed out for a walk to get some fresh air and just cry. My blood sugar started out at 249 and dropped while I was walking on the trail. I knew it was getting low because I was feeling pooped and shaky. I usually carry glucose tablets for times like these for a quick sugar boost, but I didn’t this time because I never dreamed it would drop this extremely. Gave mom a quick cell call and “Ma & Pa Emergency Rescue” was there in a flash with my glucose tabs. Who could ask for better parents? Ate chili relleno Boca burger for dinner. My stomach has been in turmoil all evening because the hot chilies flared up my irritable bowel. It was so good though! I highly suggest trying it.

9/4: Visited Florence Baptist Church on Mt. Zion Rd. in Kentucky this morning. I absolutely love this church. Wish I lived closer. It’s amazing how much they can fit into one service! Overflowing every time I visit. We stopped at a rest stop and had a picnic lunch. It was so relaxing and enjoyable. I could live 24/7 outdoors, weather permitting. Wish this day would last forever.

9/5: Mom was off work today so we all spent the day cleaning up around the outside of the house. It makes me feel so relieved when things are less cluttered. I enjoy open spaces! I’m a neat freak by no means, but I do believe in manageable untidiness. Dad and I practiced rifle shooting tonight. Oh, what fun! What I learned from God today; what you’re going through might be God’s way of testing you to bring you into a deeper level of commitment.

9/6: Stained the deck today a cherry color. Beautiful! Dad and I took his truckload++ of metal to the dump. Yeah, more junk gone forever!!!

9/7: Added an extra granola bar at breakfast because I was very hungry. Beth Moore was on TV this morning and talked about strongholds. It made me think about the former bad relationship I had with my youngest brother. The bitterness and anger I harbored against my brother was a stronghold. It was definitely all-consuming. I’ve been joyful all day smiling and singing as I go. This is a joy that only comes from the Spirit of God. I long for this filling on a daily basis!

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