Rhonda's Recovery Journey

“The footprints we leave behind show clearly where we have been, but they do not dictate where we can now go.” ~Ralph Martson

Week 11

8/25: Woke up with a blood sugar of 34. My target range is 80-120, so this was dangerously low. Because of this extreme low, I was extra hungry at breakfast, so I had French toast, oatmeal, milk and yogurt with blueberries. Received a bill from Social Security Disability for $5,000.00 they say I owe them. I received this bill last year and appealed it, now I received the same bill again. This has happened before. For some reason, they have trouble keeping up with my case and my paperwork. I have anxiety over the thought that I might have to pay for their mistake. Very burdened about the possibility of being without health insurance.

8/26: Had a bigger breakfast again and tried a new food at lunch, turkey bologna with jalapeno and cheese. It didn’t have much taste. My blood sugar has been extremely high today resulting in nausea and achy muscles. When my blood sugar gets high I get irritated easily and just feel like crying and punch a wall. Beware, I growl and bite!

8/27: Still doing well in substituting other things for pudding and sticking to my 25 minute Math & Logic/crossword puzzles limit. Brad, my brother, dropped off my 2-year old niece. I gave her a tattoo on her stomach and painted her nails. She loves to be dolled up.

8/28: Not well today. I’m tired, depressed, restless, agitated, my insides feel irritated and the top of my head is very tender. I could just cry! To top it all off, my stomach is swollen. I’m not even in the mood to exercise. This day has not been beneficial at all.

8/29: Went to the endocrine doc today. Thyroid is in check and A1C is down. I’m sure my A1C is down due to now being on the insulin pump. The continuous insulin flow it delivers helps to keep my blood sugar more balanced. Sifted through jobs on the internet, but came up empty. I think getting a job, even a part-time or occasional job would help in my recovery. I want so much to be pulling in my own income. I feel so dependent upon my parents. Addiction leaves you empty in more ways than one!

8/30: Ate cheese and crackers for snack this afternoon because I was extra hungry. After 2 weeks without thyroid meds, the pharmacy called and said they were ready. Hallelujah!!

8/31: Decided to try toast with butter and jelly for bedtime snack. It was well worth it! I love you Brummel & Brown!!

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