Our History

After experiencing her own transformation, Rae Lynn  DeAngelis, recognized a need in the heart of women around the world to embrace their unique identity and see themselves through God’s eyes. Living in Truth Ministries began in 2008.

Living in Truth Ministries is a non-profit organization that ministers to women of all ages. Our mission is to support, encourage, empower, and disciple women through the truth of God’s Word.

Our programs, materials, and healing groups are filled with biblical truth to help women overcome worldly lies surrounding body-image, identity, and self-esteem. 

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Our Philosophy

Every woman is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind expression of her Creator. She has intrinsic worth, and God has a plan  and purpose for her life.

Our mission is to help every woman embrace freedom from worldly lies surrounding food and body-image so that she can live out the unique plan God has for her life.

The Problem

A global study by Dove revealed that only four percent of women around the world consider themselves beautiful. Through our own research, we found an alarming number of women admitting that they would sacrifice three years of their lives in order to be thin. Some even declared that if finances were not an issue, they would have plastic surgery to make changes to their physical appearance.

Our culture is obsessed with physical appearance. The pressures to look a certain way are intense, especially for women. As a result, millions of women struggle with toxic thoughts and destructive behaviors when it comes to food and body-image. Left untreated, these can turn into debilitating strongholds with life altering consequences.


A Proven & Effective Solution

Our 10-week healing program (Eyes Wide Open) helps women break free from disordered eating, poor body-image, and low self-esteem. Through community based support, women learn they are not alone in their battle to overcome, and that it is possible to live in freedom.

Eyes Wide Open addresses root issues such as perfectionism, pain, control, anger, fear, forgiveness & more. It’s time for women to weed out worldly lies and live in truth. It’s time for women to experience freedom like never before, freedom that not only impacts this generation, but generations to come.

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Leading From Experience

Our team is focused on helping women find freedom because they were once in bondage themselves. They understand
the struggle of negative body-image and disordered eating because they have personal experience. Read about their amazing stories of recovery by CLICKING HERE.

Rae Lynn DeAngelis 

(Founder and Executive Director) 


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 Tanya Jolliffe, RDN, LD

 (Director of Strategic Growth and Development)