By Kelsey Klepper

I’m three months postpartum and my body isn’t just naturally shrinking to fit into my pre pregnancy clothes like it did after my first pregnancy. Maybe I will never fit into those clothes again, and that’s ok. Yes, it’s ok that my body is now larger than it once was. Does that mean I’m not as healthy as I once was? Society would likely say yes. Would Jesus think I’m less healthy because I’m up a pant size or two? Does Jesus care about my new size?

If we’re basing health off of more than a number (and we should be), then you would need a better picture to determine my health. There’s definitely more to it than what I’m listing here. Just to give a quick idea: I am currently back to a fairly similar routine as I was prior to pregnancy. I work out three times a week, play with my toddler, go to the park, eat when I’m hungry, do not deprive myself of any foods I want, eat out with friends and family, eat fruits and vegetables and chocolate, drink water and definitely coffee. I sleep basically the same because although I’m feeding a baby at night now, I was still waking to a toddler prior to pregnancy. I’ve been keeping my stress levels in check and taking help when people give it.  I’m still doing all of these things for my health but my weight is up; can I still be healthy?

Yes, I believe I still can be and am healthy. I am still taking care of my body, but right now it wants to be larger than it once was. This can be true for you too even if you’ve never been pregnant or you weren’t recently pregnant. You can still be a healthy individual now at a higher weight than before, if you’re still taking care of yourself.

I believe this to be true for two main reasons.

1.  Our bodies were designed by God. Our bodies were designed to change and will change with time. Jesus doesn’t say that taking care of your body means it has to be a specific size or that it cannot change. Society has told us that we aren’t healthy and taking care of it if we aren’t losing weight or living in a thin body.

2.  Without going into a lengthy number 2, scientific evidence showing that your health is not determined by your weight or size. I’ll leave it at that for today.

Jesus wants us to take care of the body he gave us. There’s no denying that. Let’s stop confusing this thought with our weight. You are precious to Him and your body size will never sway his unending love for you.

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well (Psalm 139:13-14 ).