Find Hope | Alison Feinauer

Do you have a word for your year?  Is there a theme you see that God is trying to teach you? My word for this year is content.

Think about our bodies. When was the last time you heard or said, “I’m content to stay the same size I am right now; I like the way I look?”

We usually hear or say, if I could only lose these last few pounds, or get to the gym more, or say no to those donuts they bring in at work, or not finish the PB&J sandwich my kids didn’t eat…

To be honest, my ears perk up when someone talks about a new fad diet or how they’ve lost all their weight.  I want to know their secret.

But God is doing something new and fresh in me.  More than the diet secrets lately, I’m wanting to know the secret to contentment.

My in-laws came over for dinner last night for my husband’s birthday.  We’ve been married for 15 years and in all those years I’ve always wanted to look my best when I’m with them, freshen up my make-up, make sure I have the right slimming clothes on, make sure I’m picture perfect.  Sound familiar?

However, last night, after I had done the last of the dishes and everyone had left, I went into my room and looked in the mirror and realized I hadn’t done any of that.  I had on what I wore to work, my make-up had all come off by the time they came over and I hadn’t even thought about freshening up.  I was pleasantly surprised at my contentment.

I’ve been on my healing journey from my ED for about 8 years now, and this was shocking for me.  I had never thought this would be a sign of my freedom, but the Lord has been working faithfully in my heart.  The more I heal, the more content and secure I am in who He made me and how He made me look.

I’m still far from completely healed, far from not caring about my weight or my clothes. But I want to encourage you that the Lord will finish what He’s started.  He will be faithful to complete your healing.  It may not be in your timing. It may not be the way you envisioned it. Trust Him that He hasn’t forgotten. He hasn’t given up. He isn’t overlooking you.  He’s drawing you close to Him, using whatever it takes to get your attention and bring you under His wings.

Let’s allow Him to teach us that our security is in Our Creator. Our hope is in the One who is writing our story and loves us enough to die for.

To me, contentment isn’t mediocre, or passive, or settled.  Contentment is security, confidence, peace, faith-filled, simple, resting in God’s plan, and fully trusting that He will show me the way each day. He will use my mind and body and even my ED for His glory and purpose.

Where are you with loving your body?  Are you striving to be that perfect size?  Are you content with the way you feel and look?  I challenge you today to ask God to teach you contentment, to make you more secure in your status as the Daughter of the King!

Father, I need You now more than ever.  Please teach me what it means to be content no matter how I feel about my body, my circumstances, my relationships, or my job.  Teach me to keep my eyes fixed on You, the Author and Perfecter of my faith.  Help me to trust Your plans and Your timing for my life.  When I’m insecure, secure me. When I’m restless, settle me. When I’m afraid, comfort and protect me.  Give me the wisdom and the freedom that You’ve promised in Your Word.  Complete the work You have started in me.  I trust and love you. In Jesus’ precious name I pray, Amen.

“I’ve learned to be content in whatever circumstance I am in.  I know both how to have a little and I know how to have a lot.  In any and all circumstances I have learned the secret of being content, whether well fed or hungry, whether in abundance or need.  I am able to do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:11b-13).