By Rhonda Stinson

Time to rest and relax. Our weekend house guests left and I was anxious to get outside. I had been cooped up inside a small house with too many people for much too long. It was a warm night and there was a beautiful full moon on display, so I sprawled out on my back atop the grass to stargaze. There was only one wee problem. I wanted to zero in on centralized areas of the moon. I wanted to view some of its indentations and shadows, but was unable with the naked eye. After locating a powerful set of binoculars, I ran back out and plopped down.

Focusing in on one tiny spot wasn’t as easy as one might think. As my panoramic view became more focused, I was still having issues; my arms were unsteady and wavering like a banner in the wind and the binoculars were riding piggyback. I retrieved some pieces of unburned wood from the fire pit and positioned them on a table. I then knelt on my knees. I was able to focus on one area at a time. God’s creation is amazing to say the least!! It wasn’t until I could see things up close and clear that I was truly able to appreciate the awesome Power behind the vastness and beauty of the heavens!

This journey that you’ve been on with me, dear reader, is one of continual focusing and refocusing. When I begin to focus on a worry, negativity, worldly pleasure, or a problem is when I begin to lose my focus on God.

Peter, a disciple, was called by Christ to walk on the water. How was he to do this? It was by faith. Peter was given a command, “Come”.  That was his cue to step out on the water and walk. He had to focus on Christ and His promises. In order to trust anyone, we must know that person is trustworthy. The more intimately we know that person, the more deeply we love and trust them. Peter had to know Christ and believe that Christ would not tell him to do anything that would cause him harm. Peter stepped out by faith and began to walk to Jesus until, “He saw the wind, he was afraid, and beginning to sink he cried out ‘Lord, save me’”. (Matt. 14:30).

Every command God gives a Christian has a present inside called a promise. He will not call us to do anything that will harm us. When we exercise faith it pleases Him. Faith is a demonstration of what we truly believe about God. Do you believe God is faithful and trustworthy? “But someone will say, ‘You have faith, and I have works.’ Show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.” (James 2:18).

It is so easy to lose our focus on God and to refocus on our troubles and trials. Christ was directly in Peter’s line of focus and calling him to come, yet Peter began to doubt. His doubt in God’s power over the wind and waves became greater than his faith in God’s promises and protection. The little fish of the sea were under the water saying, “We see your toes, Peter, and they’re looking pretty scrumptious right now!” I’m sure this is what Satan and his imps say when a Christian begins to fear and doubt. Satan will use any tactic he can to distract a believer who is focused on God. Some of the things Satan might use to refocus us are; family problems, activities, work, finances, media, or food.

Beware fellow sister and brother; the devil is a roaring lion seeking those who are beginning to fear and doubt. He sees your toes and they look pretty scrumptious!